When Borre Vikinglag celebrates 30 years in 2024, we celebrate a society driven by intense curiousity and a need to physically form a better understanding of the past through crafting.

This endeavour has created a highly capable network of makers that safeguard tangible and intangible cultural heritage for future generations through continuous practice, experimentation and debate.

How much have we achieved as a crafting community locally and internationally in the past 30 years? Where do we stand, and where are we headed in the next 30 years?

To showcase great craftsmanship and celebrate the 30’th jubilee of Borre Vikinglag we invite you to a grand CRAFTING COMPETITION during our festival at Borrekaupangen 2024.

Show us your vildest, most labour-intensive project! The one you are most proud of, that has challenged you the most. The piece you want the scalds to sing about at all markets to come. . .

We want to exhibit original, singular objects that express the established styles and techniques of the Viking era, but NOT necessarily copies of specific finds. In other words, we invite you to create freely, or replicate a find within the scope of extant styles the that can be seen in finds dating between year 700 and 1100.

Chosen entries will be classified in two main categories:

REPLICA –  emphasis on use of historically accurate tools, materials and techniques.

CREATIVE  INTERPRETATION – emphasis on clear understanding of the styles of the Viking age. (Your design should be able to pass for a find).

You can apply with up to three objects in one or more of the following 3 sub-categories:

TOOLS – everything from weapons to sewing utensils.

PERSONAL ADORNMENTS– jewellery, small ornate garments like hats, mittens, handbags or fancy shoes etc. (Singular garments, not whole outfist!)

INTERIOR AND FURNITURE – fancy caskets, clever kitchen equipment, ornate furniture, etc.

We will create an exhibition map of the area with information about the entries that will help the audience find and appreciate the objects. The jurors will skulk around incognito.

Winners in above mentioned categories will be announced during the feast on Saturday.

An additional people’s choice award will be announced on Sunday 

Choice prizes and eternal glory awaits the winners. All accepted contest-entries will live on in a exhibition catalog we will produce in the fall of 2024

Important to  think about:

All participants must make the objects available for the public during the opening hours of the market, and be ready to answer questions about idea , technique, inspiration and historic accuracy.

Participants accept full responsibility for protecting their entries from thieves and mischief, while exhibiting the objects in a flattering fashion.

The competition group will be available for guidance or help with exhibiting.

The competition group reserves the right to turn away single objects if they do not meet intended historical and|or crafting standards, or if the number of applications exceeds 30 entries.